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Top Laundry Hacks that Save You Time & Money

Doing household laundry has been easy since the advent of washing appliances. These appliances are efficient in removing debris from the clothes and even drying them completely. There is no stain that cannot be treated in the wash tub of the washing machine. But being well versed with some of the laundry hacks will surely make your life less hectic.

There is ease in using washer and dryer for all-day wear. But what about stubborn stains on sportswear or clothes at work? They need special attention. The towels, curtains, bed covers and blankets are other items that need stain free washing. Does the laundry room have all types of tools to handle such a situation?

If not, here are top laundry hacks which will make things easier.

1. Reduce the drying time for clothes

The clothes complete a drying cycle in 10 minutes to 15 minutes. This wait is quite long as compared to the washing period. This process can speed up by a simple hack. Put the dryer on the lowest timer mode and add a dry towel to the laundry to be dried. This way the towel will absorb the extra moisture in very less time. Thus, the drying will be as efficient as required.

2. Washing the shoes

Have you ever considered washing shoes in the machine? If not, consider this hack. The shoes can be washed in the appliance by adding them into a wash bag. The shoes need to be cleaned of all the debris first. A soft bristled brush and a soapy solution will remove the dirt, and they are ready to be put in the wash tub. Adding stain remover on the shoes will bring them squeaky clean when the cycle is over.

Laundry Day Minus the StressA towel can be wrapped on the wash bag while drying so that the shoes don’t lose their shape while getting dried. Voila, the shoes are ready to be air dried and wear.

3. De-wrinkling the clothes

Every now and then the work pressure makes us forget a load of clothes in the drier. Those clothes settle in the drier and become completely wrinkled. What can be done to de-wrinkle them? Here is a wonderful hack!

A wet washcloth can be put in the drier with all those wrinkled laundries, and the drier cycle can be run again for 5to 10 minutes. This way the moisture from the wet wash towel will again make the clothes without wrinkles.

Use of ice cubes is also known to do the same work. Putting some ice cubes in the drier will also de-wrinkle the laundry.

4. Washing of denim jeans rarely

The denim is strong fabrics, and they need less care than any other piece of cloth. That is why people find them easy to wear and wash. They find a place in everyone’s closet. But don’t wash them often. Their durability decreases every time it is washed. So, wearing dirty jeans all the way?

No there is a hack which will surprise you. Freeze them and forget. The germs will be killed at a lower temperature. It will be 90% sanitized when kept in the freezer for the whole night. The odor will also go away when they are air dried.

5. Use salt to retain colors of the fabric

Bleeding colors from new fabrics or a favorite shirt getting faded very early? Let’s use this hack to restore the colors. Put the fabric in a tub with water and 2 spoons of common salt. Soak them for an hour and wash it as usual. The results will surprise you. The colors will adhere to the fabric for long.

6. Fabric softener which is cheap and easy to make

There are many fabric softeners to help you get shiny and soft laundry. But making one at home will be easy on your pocket as well as the environment. Here is the secret. Add a cap of regular white vinegar in the laundry while in the washer and 2-3 drops of the favorite smelling essential oil. This will get the desired result. The clothes will be soft and fresh.

7. White shirts giving a headache

White office wear has always been a matter of tension. The white shirts and trousers don’t get that sparkle even if the best detergent is put to work. The washing machines are not supportive enough to remove every stain from a white shirt. A simple hack is to use a spoonful of black pepper in the tub before running the load. The pepper will remove the soap residue and other threads from the white clothes.

coffee stains on white shirt8. Stain Remover

Shaving cream and toothpaste are two stain removers that are readily available in the bathroom of your house. These do a good job of removing greasy stains on the clothes. You can also find some other stain removers that are readily available in your house.

9. Natural Bleach

There is a simple way to bleach clothes at home. This is natural also so, go ahead. Take two tablespoons of lemon juice. Add half a cup hydrogen peroxide solution. Put this mixture in the wash tub and add the clothes. This will bleach all the clothes very fast. The clothes will look whitened and the best. Find more such uses of hydrogen peroxide here.

10. Using mesh bag for lingerie

Lingerie is the most delicate clothing item. Washing it along with other clothes ruin the seam and hooks. There is a hack for solving this problem. A mesh bag may be used to wash this special laundry. It will be protected from the wear and tear and stay longer in the original shape.

11. Use of Aluminum foil to detangle clothes

This is a hack everyone should try. The clothes when coming out of the drier are clinging to each other. So, a crumpled ball of aluminum foil may be added to the drier before running it, and this will make the clothes detangled. This is a good way to save time. The folded laundry will have no wrinkles at all.

These hacks can be your go-to saviors every single day. Put them to use and save your precious time and money. However, there could be times when your home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machine, oven, etc., may be on the verge of completely giving up or are running on continuous bad technical mode. In those situations, the best suggestion to look for reliable Dallas refrigerator repair or washer service center who can provide you quick technical support in your area and suggest a long term solution. Meanwhile getting through your regular day with the above-mentioned hacks would help you lead your regular life in a smooth manner.

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