Hootsuite to manage social media

The Disadvantages of Using Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an innovative social media managing tool that lets you control your social media sites under one platform. Since it was introduced a few years ago, it has gained popularity among many online and offline businesses. Social media is now one of the most effective online advertising tools, so it’s no wonder why many businesses have their own social media pages.

Hootsuite to manage social mediaHootsuite was able to make the most of people’s demands in effectively managing their social media sites. It is one of the most efficient platforms available for social media management. However, it also has disadvantages that you shouldn’t overlook.

What are the disadvantages of using Hootsuite for your business? Here are some of them:

1. Hootsuite can be costly

Even if the $9.99 per month per user fee sounds like it isn’t that much, the costs can add up if you keep on adding users to manage your platform. Adding ten users amount to $100 a month, so you should be wary about adding too many users.

Other add-on features such as Analytics Report and URL Shortening require additional payment so that the total monthly costs can add up.

Solution: For starting businesses, you can get by with just one social media manager, visit the Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies – Los Angeles to get their recommendations. As your company grows big, by then, you can add more staff. Having too many social media managers can be detrimental so focus on quality over quantity. The important thing is for you to produce excellent and coherent content, and to be able to engage well with the audience. If you have too many people managing your social media sites, your brand may lose its solid imagery.

2. Hootsuite can be confusing to use

using social media with confidenceWhile it’s great that Hootsuite has many features, it can also create confusion even to those who are adept at social media management. It can be overwhelming to use since the site looks overcrowded. For instance, you have different tabs for Streams, Analytics, Assignments, Contacts, and App Directory. And these are not as straightforward to use as it seems, for you have to click on many layers before you get to each of these tabs.

Solution: Hootsuite offers free tutorials to navigate the site, so check out Hootsuite University, so you get both an overview and an in-depth view of how it works.

3. Hootsuite does not work well with Facebook

It is odd since even with over 100 apps that can be connected to Hootsuite, it does not streamline well with Facebook. When you add Facebook posts via Hootsuite, you will see that there are no thumbnails and summary previews when you publish. The audience is left confused with your posts as they are only left with links that do not pertain in any way to the message you want to express.

Solution: You can use Hootsuite for all your other social media channels, but if posting on Facebook, you can publish it on Facebook directly. It can be more time-consuming, but at least you are given a guarantee that your Facebook posts are published the way you want them to be. Not until Hootsuite releases an update addressing this issue, you can go with directly posting on Facebook for now.

Hootsuite is a great platform that lets you manage your social media sites under one roof. However, there are also disadvantages that you should take note of before delving into this platform. It can be costly, confusing to use, and does not work well with Facebook for now. So, make sure you’ve explored your options before signing up with Hootsuite. Better yet, try the free 30-day trial before signing up for your membership.

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