hormonal imbalance can be annoying

Managing Hormonal Disorders the Natural Way

Hormonal disorders are the most unpredictable to deal with. One morning you feel great, then as the day rolls, you suddenly feel so drained and moody. Come bedtime, you’re wide awake again. You wake up drained. Then the cycle goes on over again.

Hormone-related problems are lifestyle diseases, much like heart illness and diabetes. Ethnic populations who choose to stay in their ancestral lands do not suffer from lifestyle diseases as much as city and rural dwellers do. Poor diet and lack of exercise are to blame, coupled with environmental factors such as air pollution, the supermarket phenomenon, and transportation convenience. All these can be alleviated by acupuncture and you can visit their website to learn more about this medical alternative.

Many go undiagnosed with hormonal disorders and think that feeling miserable is the new normal. Women find it hard to conceive. Many suddenly gain weight despite their healthy lifestyle. Many find it hard to get out of bed and blame it on a bad night’s sleep.

Hormonal problems, when left untreated or mistreated, often become systemic. When the problem goes hard-wired in the system, diagnosis and treatment can get so complicated that it might take years to get on the right track.

The key to early diagnosis is to know your body well. If something is off, do not discount it as trivial or simply because of stress. Be proactive in keeping in tide with your body’s signals.

If you’ve been suffering from hormonal imbalance, here are top tips for you to naturally manage your hormonal problems:

hormonal imbalance can be annoying1. Have a grain, sugar, dairy, and additive-free diet

Cutting out grains, sugar, dairy and additives from your diet all at once may sound complicated, and no lies, it is. But it is only difficult for the first few months. After that, you will develop a sense of taste for only the “real” thing, and that is, for fresh produce and lean meats. Having a clean diet is crucial to kick-starting your detox. And for managing hormonal imbalances, sticking to healthy eating is key to your long-term success.

2. Eat for sustenance

When finding a balance for your body, it is important to eat not out of obligation, but because of need. If you are more comfortable with the idea of eating three square meals a day, go for it. If you prefer having six mini-meals, do that, too. There is no right or wrong way of meal timing. It all boils down to how you, as an individual, operates regarding how you function best. Those from Asian countries were raised up eating 2-3 square meals a day; while those from Western nations have a snacking culture. The important thing to remember is to eat for sustenance; not because of social pressures or just because of boredom.

3. Sleep early, wake up early

To truly find balance, you must follow the natural flow of your circadian rhythm. This pace is dictated by the movement of celestial bodies: the sun, the stars, the moon, and the planets. This Earth goes by the rhythm of having a sunrise and sunset at certain times of the day, so make sure you go in tide with that. Prime yourself to sleeping early and to waking up early with the sunrise. Doing so can work wonders with balancing your hormones.

4. Supplement with herbs and treatments if you must

herbs can treat adrenal disordersThose with hormonal imbalances are often plagued with adrenal fatigue as well because the body has been working extra hard to keep up with an otherwise imbalanced system. With adrenal fatigue, supplemental herbs and treatments are highly recommended to support the rebuilding of your system. It is best to talk with a licensed natural medicine practitioner on this regard because concoctions and treatments are highly individualized depending on the case.

It is not easy to get through hormonal imbalances, and it even takes years for others to get back on track. But if you stick with what makes you feel your best, the end of the road will not be too far to reach.

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