woke up like this social media trend

Doing Your Makeup Like a Social Media Star

People now have a lot of skin “tools” that can help them look their best. From cosmetics, beauty routines, to surgeries, it is apparent that looking your best is now crucial these days with the popularity of social media.

woke up like this social media trendBefore, most people only used makeup for special occasions. You seem tacky when you use it every day. However, lately, it is more common to have an everyday makeup, and another makeup set for events. Many cosmetics manufacturers have now touched on the importance of makeup that makes you look naturally beautiful. This idea is double-edged, though, because it’s hard to hide the real you when you always aim to look blemish-free and very attractive with this “barely there” makeup.

Makeup has always been a billion-dollar industry with a big fan base from all over the world. Many Western and Asian brands compete for their markets. For the longest time, Western makeup brands such as L’Oréal, Maybelline, and MAC have dominated the worldwide market. However, in the past years, South Korea has been able to take their stand through the promotion of K-pop and K-drama. One groundbreaking innovation is the BB cream which combines foundation, concealer, and sunblock into one cosmetic makeup for Korean beauty. Many other Western brands have followed suit after that, given the overwhelming popularity of this product.

With now so many makeup tips found on blogs and magazines, how do you know which tips are right for you? To be fair, no one formula can make you look your best. People have unique characteristics and profiles, and so the kind of makeup that works for you may not work for your sister.

There are more articles and videos online that give you tips on how to do your makeup. In this article, we are focusing on how not to do your makeup. Take note of these things that you must avoid so you can enhance your natural beauty. Doing makeup the wrong way is worse off than not putting on any makeup at all.

Here are tips on how not to do your makeup:

1. You do not care about the color of your foundation and powder.

Your skin color should be considered when purchasing a foundation and face powder. You cannot just buy whatever foundation and powder are available without checking out if it blends perfectly with your skin tone. If you have the normal Southeast Asian skin, you must avoid using a foundation designed for those with pale skin. In the same manner, if you have the natural East Asian skin which is often very pale, you must avoid a foundation designed for those with darker skin.

Foundation provides an excellent base for your makeup, and it is important for you to get the perfect product for your skin.

2. Your blush is all over the place.

makeup defines overall lookThe cheek blush is a crucial part of your overall makeup look. However, the problem is it can be difficult to assess where you should put the blush because there is no one right way to do it. Every person has a unique face structure, so it takes a bit of experimentation for you to figure out where the blush looks best on you.

A general guide for this is for you to place a little blush on the apples of your cheeks, and to spread it out towards your ears. It works best for those with high cheekbones. For those with less prominent cheekbones, you can focus on spreading out the blush around the apples of your cheeks and not just on making a line towards the ears.

Getting great makeup products is crucial; in much the same way as to how you apply, it is important. Remember not to commit these mistakes when applying your makeup!

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