Washing colored clothes

Top Laundry Hacks that Save You Time & Money

Doing household laundry has been easy since the advent of washing appliances. These appliances are efficient in removing debris from the clothes and even drying them completely. There is no stain that cannot be treated in the wash tub of the washing machine. But being well versed with some of the laundry hacks will surely make your life less hectic. There is ease in using washer and dryer for all-day

Thermal technology to identify pest hotspots

The Latest Innovations in Lesser Toxic Pest Control

Many critical factors in recent years have been significant contributors to driving pest control businesses and the industry on the whole towards developing less toxic solutions. The EU Biocidal Products Regulation, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and a host of other stringent legislations have been at the core of regulating the use and development of new biocidal products in the market which has prompted a drive for innovative,